Les cloches de Corneville (Saint-Petersburg Opera Theatre, opera)
Saint-Petersburg Opera Theatreabout theatre | Ticket price: 130.97 - 160.08 USD
Genre: Opera | Age restriction: 12+ | Length: 2 hour 15 minutes


Music: Robert Planquette
Libretto: Louis Clarville
Charles Gabet (translated from the French A. Nevsky). Poetic dialogues by Natalia Chernikova
Production: Yuri Alexandrov
Conductor: Alexander Goikhman
Set and Costume Designer: Vyacheslav Okunev
Lighting Designer: Irina Vtornikova
Directors: Natalia Chernikova
Darya Modzalevskaya
Musical Preparation: Nina Zhukovskaya
Chorus Master: Maria Gergel
Choreographer: Nadezhda Kalinina

In 1876, the director of the Théȃtre des Folies-Dramatiques, Louis Cantin, hired Planquette to compose the operetta, which had originally been intended for Hervé. Despite initially mixed reviews, it became probably the most popular French operetta of all time, with hit productions in London and elsewhere. 


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Price: 130.97 - 160.08 USD

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